• OfferBright

The new way to buy and sell real estate

Updated: Jun 28

OfferBright is a PropTech company set to disrupt the $1.6 trillion-dollar residential real estate market and innovate an industry stuck in a low tech rut. The real estate industry, specifically the purchase and sale of residential property, has been fixated on a paper process filled with outdated workflows, long closing dates, and expensive commission. This is where OfferBright shines.

Our mission is to provide a platform for accessible and transparent real estate transactions while eliminating predatory and unethical practices.

OfferBright is patent-pending for contactless real-time app guided residential property buying and selling. OfferBright uses machine learning, Property Match AI, to match properties to a verified buyer. Multiple buyers can make offers on the same property in-app and sellers can filter those offers and choose the one with the best terms and offer price. Contracts are e-signed and e-filed with their respective county, so the property sale is done completely in-app.

OfferBright expects to launch its pioneering mobile app to all platforms in the coming months.